Consult & Design

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After a long-term service to the chemical fiber enterprises,our company has accumulated rich experience of developing spinnerets and spin packs. Our company provides customers with the range of services covering the designing of spinnerets and spin packs,spinneret material selection,quality inspection of spinneret,spinneret cleaning methods,spinneret maintenance,etc.[Leave a message,consult business or submit an order after logging in]


Our company"s product innovations work closely around customers" needs.We have collaborated efficiently with customers in the developing of spinnerets and spin packs for inclined parallel composite spinning,sea-island composite spinning,segment-pie superfine composite fiber spinning and sheath-core composite spinning.


We have made notable achievements in the field of high-tech fiber spinning including 3k~18K Carbon fiber spinning spinnerets,nomex and kevlar spinning spinnerets, three leaf-shaped polyimide spinning spinnerets(leaf-length:0.03mm,leaf-width:0.07mm) and new cellulose fiber spinning spinneret with hole quantity up to 67000.[Leave a message,consult business or submit an order after logging in]